Five Who Changed The World

Daniel Akin’s book, Five Who Changed The World, is a collection of sermons written and preached by Dr. Akin that incorporate historical recollections of five Baptist missionaries into the exposition and presentation of Scripture. Though only 95 pages, the book is creative. The historical narratives within each sermon serve to illustrate the selected Scripture passages very well.
Five Who Changed The World, is a book that might seem repetetive to some pastors who are up on their baptist and missionary histories, but for the lay person, this book is surely a gem. I was blessed by it and I am certain you will be too. The book briefly outlines the lives of William Carey, Adoniram and Ann Judson, Bill Wallace, Lottie Moon, and Jim Elliott. Take up this quick read and be challenged by the missionary commitments of these who lived and died on the mission field for the Glory of God!
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