True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In

I read about True Story: A Christianity Worth Believing In in Christianity Today this month and had to have it. Choung, an IVP staffer, has created a way to share the gospel through the big picture of redemption history with a series of diagrams that will fit on a napkin. I know that as you read this, you must certainly think that is too simplistic, but remember, your tracts are smaller than a napkin!
I like Choung’s focus on biblical theology and the entire picture of redemption, from creation, to the fall, to the cross, and ending not with salvation, but with the Great Commission. The youth of our world are interested in making a difference in their world, but unfortunately, many do not see how Christians make and positive difference at all. In True Story, Choung outlines his evangelism method in a narrative form that is very readable and educating. He closes the book with an overview of The Big Story of redemption. One very exciting thing about this book is that you can buy a $1.50 booklet version of the last chapter that outlines The Big Story. The booklet version would be perfect to use in training sessions. I strongly recommend this book.
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