Book Review: The Soul Winner

As suggested in recent weeks, I’ve been reading some old books and one that I recently completed is The Soul Winner by C.H. Spurgeon. Spurgeon is of course recognized as the prince of preachers, but he was also a fiercly evangelistic man. Spurgeon of all people shows that strict reformed theology is not at odds with evangelistic fervor. Though he believed wholeheartedly in God’s sovereign control over humanity, he did not shirk from spreading wide the invitation to respond to the gospel. In this regard, we can all learn from Spurgeon.

In his book, The Soul Winner which is really a collection of lectures and sermons that focus on the task of evangelism, Spurgeon does a wonderful job of spurring Christians forward in their evangelistic efforts and of carefully showing how and why it should be done. Spurgeon’s evangelism was not pithy Second Great Awakening gimmicks and his message was not “have your best life now.” Spurgeon writes about the majesty, holiness, and sovereignty of God as well as the total depravity of humanity and then beckons Christians to go forth with the gospel and sinners to respond to its invitation.

This book will challenge and convict you as you mine it’s pages for the wisdom of it’s author. The soul-winner according to Spurgeon, must be more than a slick salesman. The soul-winner should live the gospel! Further, he writes:

The soul-winner must be a master of the art of prayer. You cannot bring souls to God if you go not to God yourself. You must get your battle-axe, and your weapons of war, from the armoury of sacred communion with Christ.

Of course, Spurgeon does more than tell how to share the gospel and even why the gospel should be shared. Spurgeon writes with conviction at the guilt that rests upon the heads of those who would not share the gospel.

Of what avail even to have moralized a man if still he is on the left hand of the Judge, and if still, “Depart, ye cursed,” shall be his portion? Blood-red with the murder of men’s souls will be the skirts of professing Christians, unles the drift, and end, and aim of all their work has been to “save some.”

This book is filled with ageless wisdom and practical advice as well as convicting words that every Christian needs to hear. I encourage it to pastors and lay people alike who desire to be soul-winners.

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