Fantasatic 4

Kevin DeYoung writes at Ligonier about the value of plodding along in the church, faithfully taking risks that bring glory to God and not to ourselves.

Until we are content with being one of the million nameless, faceless church members and not the next globe-trotting rock star, we aren’t ready to be a part of the church. In the grand scheme of things, most of us are going to be more of an Ampliatus (Rom. 16:8) or Phlegon (v. 14) than an apostle Paul. And maybe that’s why so many Christians are getting tired of the church. We haven’t learned how to be part of the crowd. We haven’t learned to be ordinary.

I just can’t help but wonder if Paul had something like this in mind when he wrote about order in 1 Corinthians 14:26-40.  I really don’t have the words to describe this video.

Parents should be keeping an eye on the textbook debate/battle in Texas.  Their decision could affect public education across the country. Some of the things being considered are listed below.

1. Contrast what the Founding Fathers meant by separation of church and state vs. how it is practiced by government today

2. Analyze the cause and effect of eugenics:  Early in the 20th Century, 60,000 poor and mostly minority Americans were  sterilized against their will because they were considered genetically inferior…

3. Evaluate efforts by the United Nations to undermine U.S. sovereignty including a gun ban and the redistribution of American wealth

4. Discuss the fiscal health of Social Security and Medicare

5. Discuss government abuse of property rights and the taking of land w/o compensation – and the adverse impact of affirmative action on when more qualified workers are passed over by minority applicants

Albert Mohler has written a good article on the Jesus Seminar and a recent article by Adam Gopnik.

This much is clear — Jesus Christ just will not be ignored. Even the most secularized classes, those whom Friedrich Schleiermacher called the “cultured despisers of religion,” cannot leave Jesus alone. Not even The New Yorker.