The Daily Docket (5/7/14)

Constitutional Wisdom and Common Sense on Ceremonial Prayer— Albert Mohler shows how “political correctness” received a common sense correction from the Supreme Court. “Justice Kennedy stated clearly and boldly that today’s interpretation of the Constitution must be guided by the actual practices of the framers. In other words, the Constitution must not be read to forbid what the framers of the document unquestionably allowed.”

Christian Reflections on Mental Illness— Heath Lambert provides an important Christian perspective on the appropriate response by the Christian community to mental illness. “When we look at mental illnesses and only find medical categories, we do not understand the term, and we dishonor Jesus Christ. In doing so we will also keep troubled people from the fullness of help they need. Yes, people with severe problems often need medication. But even when medication is necessary no medical doctor can prescribe what the Great Physician alone can provide.”

How To Determine Whether Your Sexual Desire is Holy— From Denny Burk, the “morality of sexual desire is defined by its object. If desire fixates on something evil (i.e., adultery, fornication), then the desire itself is evil. That is why Jesus says what he says about lustful leering in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:28). If desire fixates on something good (i.e., the conjugal bond of marriage), then the desire itself is wholesome and good.”

5 Lessons From The Life of Stephen— “One of the outworkings of the gospel is that it will inevitably reorder your value system. This is exactly what we find in the book of Acts, in the life of an ordinary man name Stephen – he realized the value of the gospel and was willing to risk everything to preach it. It’s because of common guys like Stephen—much more than through the apostles—that the early church grew.”

May is Pastor’s Wives Appreciation Month— pastors-wife-appreciation-month