The Daily Docket (7/2/14)

Do you Pervert the Grace of God?— Do you have a growing desire to “reject authority” (verse 8), and have you become suspicious of any perceived authority that would constrict your autonomy? If even archangels are happily under God’s authority (verse 9), how much more should we be as the redeemed? Are you eager to ascribe not only salvation but also “dominion and authority” to “the only God, our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord” (verse 25)?

The Danger of Coasting— In short, I do not coast toward Christ, but toward self. When I stop caring, when I stop expending effort, when I allow myself to coast, I inevitably coast away from God and godliness.

Hobby Lobby Hysteria— Correcting some misinformation from the ruling. You may also be interested to know that the so-called “evil” Hobby Lobby voluntarily raised its minimum wage for full time employees to $14 a while back.

Why Younger Evangelicals are More Likely to Feel Uneasy in a Patriotic Service— Very good thinking by Trevin Wax here.  I know that his first point has been a struggle for me.  I also know that we should find ways to celebrate God’s goodness toward our nation.