Democrat, Republican, or Christian?

Beleive it or not, your political party does not spring forth from biblical principles. In our current over-politicized culture, it is increasingly important for Christians to be people of faith before they are people of politics. Jesus was not a Democrat nor a Republican and I can assure you that neither party speaks for my Christian convictions.

Yes, the Democratic platform on abortion breaks my heart and is morally repulsive enough to make me a one-issue voter. However, much of the vitriol I see spouted from Republican talking points on the issue of immigration and refugee relocation causes my skin to crawl. As a beleiver in Jesus I take serious my responsibility to care for those most vulnerable and agree that the most vulnerable among us are the unborn children. I take God at His word. If he formed us in the inmost parts of the womb, then a child is a child at conception and abortion is murder. I am unashamedly pro-life.

I am pro-life from birth to death, so I oppose abortion, unjust war, and euthanasia. But, being pro-life and taking serious my responsibility to care for the vulnerable also means caring for the alien, the orphan, the widow, and the poor.

Politicians who rail against creating safe harbor for refugees fleeing ISIS violence do not speak for me. We must care for the foreigner among us.

Politicians who view care for the poor as a one-sided issue do not speak for me. We must do more than throw money at the poor. But we also must do more than throw capitalist principals at the poor–those of us who have never gone hungry often cannot understand the cycle of poverty, but we must work to care for those caught in it.

Politicians who refuse to adequately fund and administrate social service departments to care for orphans and foster children do not speak for me. My responsibility is to care for vulnerable children before I worry about my own wallet.

Christians, be involved in the political process. We are blessed as Americans to be able to bring about change through the process, but never allow your political allegiances to trump your Christian witness.

Politicians will buy your vote to get into office. Jesus bought your salvation so you could get into heaven.

Give Jesus your allegiance. Politics are not bad, but politics is not the hope of the world. The gospel is the hope of the world. Stand with jesus though all around you may fall. Stand with Jesus even when it is not popular. Stand with Jesus if people call you a liberal or a conservative. Our creed is Christ and none other. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, make sure that the world knows you first and foremost as a follower of Jesus Christ.

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